Welcome to the renewed EWC database portal

Looking for up-to-date information on European Works Councils?

Welcome to the renewed EWC portal. The portal was re-launched in January 2016 and replaces the 'old' website.

Therefore all users old and new are requested to REGISTER AGAIN (free; old login and password won't work) to get full access to agreements, personal dashboard and new features (see below).

The new website continues to provide all the information previously available plus many new features:

  • totally FREE access upon registration;
  • detailed search engines on EWC population and the contents of EWC agreements;
  • content analysis of EWC agreements;
  • selected provisions (best practice) from EWC agreements;
  • tool to compare up to 3 EWC agreements;
  • live statistics with automatic charts online;
  • personal dashboard with the possibility to save searches, agreements, etc. (registered users);

If you have suggestions for improvement of the new website or want to report a problem please contact us.


If you are an EWC member please contribute to the database and send us your EWC agreement.




EWCdb data quality guide

The European Works Council database (EWCdb) comprises information on European works councils (EWCs), the founding agreements of EWCs and the companies they are established in. 

The database aims to present an exhaustive list of EWCs and EWC agreements. However, we are dependent on several sources to provide us with information. The database thus lacks information.

But how to assess the quality of the data in the database? For this, the ETUI prepared a guide presenting the users with an explanation of the ETUI's policies to prevent, assess and treat errors in the database.